A short history of Connect

Connect began in 1996 with the aim of building connections between the schools, Churches, and local communities in Chulmleigh, Crediton and Okehampton through Trainee Youth Workers.
We have had many Trainees pass through Connect since 1996, many joining us for one or two years whilst they complete their training with South West Youth Ministries, before continuing their journey of faith in another position.
Our previous Trainees have gone on to do a variety of things; some continuing their study by attending Bible Colleges (in the UK and abroad), some going to on to become teachers, some now head up Christian Youth Work charities, whilst have been led in a completely different direction.
Connect is about providing a learning opportunity for youth workers just starting on their journey, and providing support and a sense of community to the young people in schools that may be struggling with their faith, or wanting to grow it further in those tough teenage years.
A vital part of Connect is reaching out to young people that are so spread out due to the landscape of rural Mid & West Devon. The Connect Team spend a great deal of time travelling to as many Youth Clubs and Churches as practicable, which helps the young people feel supported both in their college and in their own communities.
Historically, the Connect Team have operated under a variety of structures, firstly with Trainee Youth Workers working alone, and more recently with local church-based qualified Youth Workers (Associate Workers) becoming a part of the team, giving a sense of stability from year to year. However all the while, only in Chulmleigh, Crediton & Okehampton …until August 2015.
From September 2015 the Connect Team expanded into Holsworthy Community College, a college and catchment area similar to the existing areas….rural! It is therefore with excitement that we look ahead to what God has in store for the new bigger Connect Team within Holsworthy, Chulmleigh, Crediton & Okehampton.


To contact Connect, either about our work, how you can get involved, how you can support us, or to find out more information, email info@connectdevon.org.